Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Spring

Sweet spring is your time
is my time is our time for springtime
is lovetime and viva sweet love.
                                     -E. E. Cummings

I've been spending my time outdoors lately, taking advantage of the weather and haven't wanted to be inside writing on this computer much.  That's why I haven't put any recipes up in a while.  I've been outside preparing the garden and making new pots for my other babies.

Mint in the pebble mosaic pot I just made.
I'll tell you what these are when I find out.
The Cilantro That Almost Wasn't.  This is some of what remains after Big Foot Christian came along and almost yanked them out of my flower pot. 
These are going to have gigantic pink flowers in a month or two.
My first tulips.

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